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Are you moving house? Looking for a local group for the children to join? Wanting to become a leader? Already involved in scouting?
If so, you've found the right site. With over 800 groups, there's probably one near you.
If your local group is missing, please help me add it.


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Site upgrade

The Australian Scout Map is being upgraded to use the latest version of Google Maps, and make it easier to add new groups. Some of the new features are:


[Scout icon] Scout Group
[Scout canoe icon] Sea Scout Group / Water Activities
[Plane icon] Air Scout Group / Air Activities
[Tent icon] Scout Campsite
[Zoom icon] Area with many scout groups - click to zoom in
[Flag icon] Other scout facility

To find your closest group

You can also contact Scouts on 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887).

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To find a specific group

Alternatively, find the group in the marker listing.

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If you would like to add a scout group to the map, please click here.

Mapping Resources

Geoscience Australia - Map Reading Guide.
Contains details on using a topographic map, compass and GPS.

See also: Marker Listing
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