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To add your group, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for the approximate location.
    If the correct location is already shown on the map, skip this step.
    Enter the address - eg. "Woodstock Ave, Taringa" or "Alexandrina Dr, 2600" and click Search.
  2. Improve accuracy of location.
    Zoom in by double clicking on the correct location, or using the + button near the top left of the map.
    In some areas, the satellite view (button at top right of map) allows you to see details such as buildings, trees and carparks.

    Drag the map so that the X in the center is over the scout den/hall.
  3. Email me ( as many of the following as possible:
  4. It would be great if you can add / update other groups, and spread the word about this website.
    If you have a website, have a look at the Webmasters' page

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